Want Peace In Your Life Now?

This life-changing meditation program is packed with practical esoteric knowledge you can easily implement in your life.

Too good to be true? 

At Self Nurture Yoga, we feel it is your birthright to empower yourself with this knowledge. We want to spread the joy of obtaining peace within.

Sahaj Jagruti Kundalini Kriya, Atma Sakshat

This meditation technique, once an esoteric practice that was only ever instructed to very few yogic adepts, is now in the public domain for all to use.

It is simple, safe, profoundly deep, and is TRULY the most powerful method on the planet for experiencing mental silence and pure joy.

What's in Course 1? With 13 videos and 5 text files, we'll show you:
  • How to ACTUALLY silence your busy mind.
  • What an awaked Kundalini (inner energy) looks like.
  • How to access the innate power contained within your chakras and subtle energetic system.
  • How to use and enhance the power of affirmations.
  • A choice of ongoing meditations to suit your daily time constraints.

What's in the follow-up Email Course 2?

  • A 4-week program to help you sense obstructions and restore balance to your Chakras and Nadis.
  • Guidance on how to go much deeper in your meditations and bring the qualities of Peace, Joy, and Contentment into your daily life!
  • This email course is packed with information and is a pre-cursor to the upcoming advanced courses (also free) - invitation-only!

We are not a corporation, just two people who care. Help us spread peace in the world, get the course now plus sign up for the email course!